AHSEC Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2024 [AHSEC HS 1ST Year Economics Syllabus ]

To score a good mark in HS 1st year examination of Class 11 Economics student have the Complete syllabus. With the help of Syllabus, the student gets

AHSEC HS 1ST YEAR ECONOMICS SYLLABUS 2024 : To score a good mark in HS 1st year examination of Class 11 Economics student have the Complete syllabus. With the help of Syllabus, the student gets complete information about that subject, what is going to come in the exam and what is not going to come. After reading this, the student prepares a strategy accordingly and prepares for the upcoming examination.

Students must maintain the Assam Board 11th Class Syllabus & Curriculum 2024 Published Online Mode for Future Reference. Students should note that Syllabus Upload Online is for Learning Purposes Only, Assam Board Will Issue Syllabus For Additional Tests.

The economics subject should be taught in two years at the higher secondary stage.

The details of course for each semester are as follows :

AHSEC Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2024

Unit wise Course Content

Part –A: Introductory Microeconomics

Unit- 1 :  Introduction: Marks-04 Periods-10

What is Economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics; Positive and Normative Economics; Central Problems of an Economy; What is an economy? Concept of Production Possibility Frontier and Opportunity Cost .

Unit -2

Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand: Marks-15 Periods-40

Concept of Utility: Marginal Utility, total Utility; Consumer’s equilibrium: Law of  Diminishing Marginal Utility; 

Consumer’s Equilibrium using Indifference Curve: Indifference Curve, Indifference map, budget set and budget line, conditions of Consumer’s Equilibrium. Demand: Concept of demand, Law of Demand , Demand Curve, Deriving a demand curve from in difference curves and Budget constraints, Normal Goods inferior Good and Giffen good (concepts) Market Demand, Movement along and shifts in Demand Curve, Price elasticity of Demand: Meaning, Measurement , Factors affecting price elasticity of Demand; Measurement of price elasticity of. demand: Percentage Method and Geometric measure of elasticity of demand Elasticity and Expenditure.

Unit -3 Producer’s Behaviour and Supply: Marks-12 Periods-35

Meaning of production and production function, Short Run and Long –Run, Total product, average product and Marginal product. Returns to scale; Law of Diminishing Marginal Product and the Law of Variable Proportions Cost: Short –run cost, Long run cost, total cost ,total fixed cost, total variable cost, average cost, average fixed cost ,average variable cost and marginal cost- meaning and their relationships. Revenue-Total, Average and Marginal revenue-Meaning and their relationships Profit Maximisation: Conditions for Profit minimization. Supply: Meaning, determinants of supply, Law of Supply, Supply schedule, Short run supply curve & Long-run supply curve of a form. Market Supply, Price elasticity of 

Supply : Meaning and its measurement (Percentage Method).

Unit -4: Market Equilibrium: Marks-09 Periods-25

Equilibrium, Excess Demand, Excess supply; Market equilibrium with Fixed numbers of Firms; Market equilibrium with Free Entry and Exit,

Simple Application of Demand and supply Price ceiling and price Floor.

Part –B Statistics for Economics Unit-1 Introduction: Marks-04 Periods-05

Meaning and scope of statistics, importance of statistics in Economics.


Collection, Organization and Presentation of Data: Marks-10 Periods-20

Collection of data : Sources of data –Primary and Secondary ,Methods of Collecting data. Census and sample survey (concepts only) Some Important Sources of Secondary data: Census of India and National  Sample survey organization. Organization: Organization of data –meaning and types of variables, frequency ,distribution ,Presentation of data- tabular and diagrammatic presentation of data-Bar diagram, Pie diagram, Histogram, Frequency Polygon, frequency curve, ogive and time series graph. 

Unit-3 Statistical Tools and interpretation: Marks-26 Periods-45

Measures of central tendency –Arithmetic Mean, Median and Mode Correlation: Meaning and Properties, scatter Diagram, Measures of Correlation –Karl Pearson’s Method (Two variables ungrouped data), Spearman’s Rank correlation  Index Numbers: Meaning, Construction of an Index Number, Some important index  numbers: wholesale price index, consumer price index and index of Industrial production, Uses of index numbers.

Part –C

Project in Economics:



Guidelines for Project Work in Economic (Class-XI):

The objectives of the project work are to enable learners to: 

-Probe deeper into theoretical concepts learnt in classes XI 

-Analyse and evaluate real world economic scenarios using theoretical 


-And arguments.

-Demonstrate the learning of economic theory

-Follow up aspects of economics in which learners have interest.

-Develop the communication skills to argue logically

The expectations of the project work are that:

-Learners will complete only ONE project in each academic session

-Project should be of 3500-4000 words (excluding diagrams & graphs) preferably  hand-written

-It will be an independent, self-directed piece of study. 

Role of the teacher:

The teacher plays a critical role in developing thinking skills of learners. A  teacher should:

-Help each learner select the topic based on recently published extracts from the 

 news,media, government policies, RBI bulletin, NITI Aayog reports, IMF/World Bank  reports etc. after detailed discussions and deliberations of the topic.

-Play the role of a Facilitator and Supervisor to monitor the project work of the learner through periodic discussion

-Guide the research work in terms of sources for the relevant data

-Educate learners about plagiarism and the importance of quoting the source of 

the information to ensure authenticity of the research work

-Prepare the learners for the presentation of the project work

-Arrange a presentation of the project file.

Scope of the Project

Learners may work upon the following lines as suggested flow chart:

-Choose a title/topic

-Collection of the research material/data

-Organization of material/data

-Present material/data 

-Analysing the material/data for conclusion

-Draw the relevant conclusion

-Presentation of the project work

Expected Checklist:

- Introduction of topic/title

- Identifying the causes, consequences and/or remedies

- Various stakeholders and effect on each of them

- Advantages and disadvantages of situation or issues identified

- Short-term and long-term implication of economic strategies suggested in the 

 course of research

- Validity ,reliability ,appropriateness and relevance of data used for research 

work and presentation in the project file

- Presentation and writing that is succinct and coherent in project file

- Citation of the materials referred to in the file in footnotes, resources section, bibliography etc.

Mode of presentation /submission of the project:

 At the end of the stipulated term ,each learner will present the research work in the Project File to the External and Internal examiner. The questions should be asked from the Research Work/Project File of the learner. The internal examiner should ensure that the study submitted by the learner is his/her own original work. In case of any doubt, authenticity should be checked and verified.

AHSEC Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2024

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