Finance Question Paper '2017 AHSEC Class 11 | H.S First Year Finance Question Paper 2017 |

AHSEC Class 11 Finance(Banking) Question Paper 2017, Reading Previous Year's Question Papers are very helpful and Important if you want to Score good

 AHSEC Class 11 Finance Question Paper '2017 | H.S First Year Finance Question Paper 2017

AHSEC CLASS 11 Finance Question Paper 2017 

Hello Readers, in this Article we Have Shared AHSEC Class 11 Finance(Banking) Question Paper 2017, Reading Previous Year's Question Papers are very helpful and Important if you want to Score good marks, by Reading Previous Year Question Papers You can easily Judge the difficulty of Questions, and also you can understand the Question Paper Pattern, It is very important to Read AHSEC HS First Year Finance Question Paper 2017. 

If you want to know what type of Questions are asked in AHSEC Class 11 2017 Finance Examination from Finance Different Chapter, Just follow this Article from Top to Bottom, We have attached Political Science Question paper on this page.  

AHSEC Class 11 Finance Question Paper Overview:

Name of Board: AHSEC

Subject: Finance 

Year: 2017

Class: HS First Year 

Type: Text 

Official website:

Category: AHSEC Class 11 Previous Year Question Papers, Class 11 Finance Question Papers 2017.

AHSEC Class 11 finance Question Paper 2017

Class 11 Finance (Banking) Question Papers

AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers' 2017


Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:                                   1x8=8

a)      In which year were the Presidency Banks of India amalgamated?

b)      The Banking Regulation Act was passed in the year ____. [Fill in the blank]

c)       What is barter system?

d)      State a characteristic of inflation.

e)      Write the full form of ATM.

f)       Who is a bank customer?

g)      Overdraft facility can be availed in current/savings/fixed deposit account. [Choose the correct answer]

h)      Write what is indigenous banker.

2. What do you mean by trade cycle?                                     2

3. Give the meaning of Banking Ombudsman.                    2

4. Write two advantages of current account.                       2

5. Name any two public sector banks of India.                    2

6. State two important functions of commercial bank.                    2

7. What are the different types of e-banking services?                   3

8. Explain the types of loans given by the of commercial bank.                    3

9. State the procedure of opening joint account.               3

10. Explain why Central Bank is called ‘lender of last resort’.      3

11. State any three stimulating effects of inflation.           3

12. Discuss the general utility functions of a bank.                             5

13. State about licensing of banks.                                                           5

14. What are the differences between Commercial Bank and Central Bank?          5

15. Describe the characteristics of regional rural bank.                    5

16. Explain the techniques of creating credit by a commercial bank.               5

17. What are the main phases of trade cycle?                                     5


Explain the meaning of depression.

18. State any two selective credit control techniques adopted by the RBI.                             5


Describe the procedure of opening a bank account in the name of a minor.                         5

19. Discuss the evolution, origin and growth of banking in India.                8


What do you mean by internal and external organization of commercial bank? Describe the different departments of a commercial bank.

20. Discuss the causes and effects of inflation.                                                   8

21. Explain in brief the various functions of the Central Bank.                      8


Explain the functions of Central Bank as (a) Bank of note issue and (b) Banker’s bank.     4+4=8

22. Write short notes on any two of the following:                           4x2=8

a)      Banker’s clearing house.

b)      Investment bank.

c)       Recession.

d)      Overdraft.

e)      Pay-in-slip book.


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