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AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English: Bina Kutir Questions Answers [H.S 2nd Year Alte. English Chapter 5 Solution]

Bina Kutir By Saurav Kumar Chaliha is a beautiful Story of AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English (Harmony: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry) Chapter 5. Here you will find Brief Summary of the poem and a detailed Question Answer of Bina Kutir with additional And Important Questions for Upcoming 2024 Examination. 

About the author: 

Saurav Kumar Chaliha is considered to be the foremost among the short story writers in Assamese. Saurav Kumar Chaliha is the pseudonym of Surendra Nath Medhi (1930-2011), who, however, refrained from interchanging the two identities. In a career spanning more than six decades, Chaliha brought ingenuity and exquisite craftsmanship to the form of modern storytelling, and he is undoubtedly the pioneering figure in this field as a practitioner in the Assamese language.


Narrated in first person, 'Bina Kutir' is a somewhat speculative account of a man's search for a rented house in Guwahati. The narrative is presented through a series of imagined situations in the form of story. It begins with the narrator entering a neighbourhood where there are a lot of concrete constructions, with some buildings at different stages of development. In the course of his search for a home conducive to his requirements, he comes upon a lone Assam-type house in the lane. As all the other buildings are many- storied concrete structures, the Assam-type house stands out clearly. The house, which is unoccupied, has a bina flower plant, on the basis of which the narrator speculates that the house is most likely called 'Bina Kutir'. However, that is not the actual name of the house. Yet, for his own imaginative purposes, the narrator refers to it as Bina Kutir. The word 'kutir' implies that the house is small in size and is therefore seen as a cottage.

Not quite knowing how and where to gather information from, the narrator approaches a vendor-shop facing the house and tries to elicit information from the young man sitting behind the counter. The young man does not have much information but over the course of the conversation, the narrator discovers, but not with absolute certainty, that a small family used to live there. The head of the family was apparently a teacher of Sanskrit, and his two sons and daughter lived with him. The elder son went on to become a teacher like his father, and the younger one pursued medical studies in Dibrugarh. The daughter, who the narrator imagines is named 'Bina', got married eventually and not much was known about her present whereabouts, Interestingly, these speculations are part of the narrator's wilful imagination even though the information that he derives contribute to his assessment of the situation.

He concludes that this family represented a tradition of the old times which did not evaluate everything in commercial terms. Which is why even after the passing away of the father, the children kept the house as it is, and this is perceived by the narrator to be a sign of good upbringing and a lack of interest in commercial gain. He also visualises that the second son's decision to go against the wishes of his father created a rift which perhaps remained unresolved. However, when the narrator learns that his imagined image of a tradition-loving family who did not harbour any interest in profit was misplaced, he gets lost in his imagination again.

A close reading of the story provides a picture of life in Guwahati more than five decades ago, illustrating the gradual urbanization in different localities of the city. The story presents a narrative where the process of storytelling is combined with the narrator's fertile imagination. He brings to life a past on the basis of the information he receives and adds his own visualization to create his version of the situation.


A. State whether these sentences are True or False.

1. Bina Kutir is an RCC building. 

2. Rehana is the name of the daughter.

3. The narrator sips Coca-Cola.

4. The young is preparing for an Economics exam.

B. Answer these questions in one or two words. 

1. Which car brand is mentioned in the story?

2. Mr Mehta's office is located in which city? 

3. Which alternative location was offered to the narrator regarding a rented accommodation?

4. Where does the younger son go to pursue medical studies?

5. Who is Brajen Kalita?

C. Answer these questions in a few words each. 

1. Name the places from Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram mentioned in the story. 

2. What is the name of the younger son's wife and in which part of the house are they seen to be engaged in conversation?

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