Advanced Financial Accounting Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern | Gauhati University

Guahati University Advanced Financial Accounting Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern


Total Marks:100 

Credit: 6 

Lectures: 65

Objective: The course aims to impart advanced knowledge on financial accounting applicable in business of special nature and on Government accounting system.

Unit 1: Royalty 

Royalty accounts: Meaning of Royalty, Minimum Rent and Short working. Accounting Treatment and preparation of Royalty Account (manually and using appropriate accounting software) including impact of Strikes & Lockouts, excluding Sub-lease.

Unit 2: Departmental Accounts: Meaning and objectives; allocation of common expenses; System of preparation of departmental trading and profit and loss accounts (manually and using appropriate accounting software); inter-department transfer. 

Unit 3: Accounting for Amalgamation and Dissolution of Partnership Firms

Accounting for Dissolution of Partnership Firm including insolvency of partners, Sale to a limited company and piecemeal distribution. Accounting for Amalgamation of Partnership Firms

Unit 4: Insurance Claims

Insurance policy for a business firm – Procedure for taking up Insurance Policy for loss stock and loss of profit; Meaning of Insurance claims, procedure to lodge insurance claim; Average clause and indemnity period. Procedure of ascertaining loss of stock and loss of profit; Ascertainment of claims against loss of stock and loss of profit. 15 Lectures

Unit 5: Government Accounting

Meaning, features and Objectives of Government Accounting; difference between Commercial Accounting and Government Accounting; General Principles of Government Accounting; Demand for Grant, Appropriation Accounts, Re-appropriation; System of financial administration and financial control in India; Accounts keeping of the Government; Classification of Accounts – Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public Accounts; Government Accounting Standards Advisory Board.

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