Indian Financial System Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern | Gauhati University

Guahati University Indian Financial System Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern

COM-DSE-HC-5036(F): Indian Financial System

Marks: 100

Credit: 6 

Lectures: 65

Objective: To provide students the basic knowledge of Indian Financial System and its components, institutions and their functions.


Unit-1: Introduction

Financial System-Meaning, Components of Financial system, Functions of Financial System, Financial System and Economic Development, Overview of Indian Financial System.

Unit – 2: Financial markets

Financial Market- Classifications of Financial Markets; Money market- its constitutions, functions and significance; Capital Market- Primary and secondary market, functions of capital market and its significance.

Unit-3: Financial Institutions

Banking Financial Institutions- Types of Banks, Functions of Banks, Structure of Indian Banking System; Non-Banking Financial institutions, types and structure; Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds. 

Unit-4: Financial Services 

Meaning, features and importance, Types of Financial Services- Factoring, Leasing, Venture Capital, Consumer Finance and Housing Finance.

Unit-5: Regulatory Institutions

Reserve Bank of India- organization, objectives, Role and Functions; Securities and Exchange Board of India-

Organization and objectives; Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India; Pension Fund Regulatory 

and Development Authority. Lectures 15

Recommended Books:

1. The Indian Financial System by Bharati Pathak, Pearson Education.

2. Financial Institutions and Markets by L M Bhole, Tata MC Graw Hill.

3. Dynamics of Financial Markets and Institutions in India by R M Srivastava and Divya Nigam, Excel Books.

4. Indian Financial System by H R Machiraju, Vikas Publishing House.

5. The Indian Financial System and Development by Vasant Desai, Himalaya Publishing House.

6. Indian Financial System by P N Varshney and D K Mittal, Sultan Chand & Sons.


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