Footprint without feet Question Answer | English Supplementary Reader | SEBA Class 10 | HSLC Assam Board

Footprint without feet Question Answer | English Supplementary Reader | SEBA Class 10 | HSLC Assam Board
Class 10th Footprint 👣 without feet 

SEBA Class 10th English: Foot Prints Without Feet Solution

Footprints without feet


Q.1. Give a description of the footprints seen by the two boys. 

Ans. The two boys saw some footprints on the steps of a house in the middle of London. Naturally the boys were surprised. The muddy foot prints of a pair of bare feet was never a common or a familiar right in the middle of London. The thing that was really surprising was that the man whose bare feet left the muddy prints was nowhere to be seen. As the two boys gazed a remarkable sight met their eyes. A fresh foot mark ap peared from nowhere. They saw further foot prints one after another. The footprints were descending the steps and progressing down the steps. The boys followed and found the footprints growing fainter and fainter at last disappeared altogether.

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Q.2. Who was Griffin? How and why did he become invisible? How did he become a homeless wonderer?

Ans. Griffin was a scientist. He carried experiment after experiment to prove that human body could become invisible. Finally he swallowed some rare drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass. But it also remained as solid as glass. Though Griffin was a scientiest he was a lawless person. His landlords disliked him and tried to eject him. To take revenge on his landlord Griffin set fire to the house. To escape without being seen he had to remove his clothes. Thus he became a homeless wonderer. Hav ing no clothes on his body, no money and quite invisible he went on until he happened to step in some mud and left foot prints wherever he walked.

Q.3. Describe Griffin's adventure in a London store till he was de tected by the assistants. 


How did the invisible man first become visible?


Describe Griffin's first adventure in London. 

Ans. Griffin, the scientiest had chosen a bad time of the year for his adventure as an invisible man. It was mid winter when he had chosen his adventure in London. It was bitterly cold and it was hard for him to wander without clothes. So instead of walking about the streets he de cided to slip into a big London store for warmth. When the store was closed and the doors were shut Griffin was able to task the pleasure of clothing and feeding himself free of cost. He broke open the boxes and wrappers. Then he put on warm clothes. Soon wearing overcoats and putting on shoes and a wide brimmed hat he became a fully dressed and visible person. In the kitchen of the restaurant he found cold meat and coffee. Then he ate some sweets and wine from the grocery store. At last he settled down on a pile of quilts. In case Griffin could wake up in time all might have been well. But-he did not wake up until the assistants were arriving next morning. Seeing a couple of them he began to run and they chased him. In the end he escaped by quickly taking off his clothes. So once more he became invisible in the biting cold in January. 

Q.4. Describe Griffins experience in Drurary Lane.

Ans. After Griffin's adventure in the London Store, he decided to try the stock of a theatrical company. His hope was to find some new clothes and something that would hide the space above his soldiers. Shivering with cold he hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatrical world. Soon he found a suitable shop. He made his way upstairs in the same invisible state. After a little while he came out wearing bandages round his forehead, dark glass, false nose, big bushy side whiskers and a large hat. To escape without being seen he attracted the shopkeeper from behind. Then he robbed him of all the money he could get.

Q.5. How and why did Griffin come to the village of Iping? Why does Mrs. Hall find him eccentric? 

Ans. Griffin, the scientiest wanted to get away from London. He took a train and came to the village of Iping. His idea in coming to Iping was to avoid crowded London. At Iping he booked two rooms of an inn. The arrival of stranger in an inn in winter was an unusual event. The arrival of such an uncommon stranger made people to talk about him. Mrs. Hall, the Landlord's tried to be friendly with him. But Griffin had no desire to talk. He told her that his reason for coming to Iping was his desire for solitude and so he did not wish to be disturbed in his work. Besides, he added that an accident had affected his face. His words satisfied her to think him as an eccentric man. Another reason for her satisfaction was that he had paid her in advance.

SEBA HSLC Class 10 Footprints without feet Important Questions Answers 2023

Q.6. What curious episode occurs in the study?


Describe how Griffin steals the money from the clergy man's study. What was the clergyman's reaction?


"Shortly afterwards a curious episode occurred." Narrate briefly the curious episode?

Ans. The money that Griffin had stolen from the shopkeeper at Drusy Lane in London did not last long and he had to admit to Mrs. Hall that he had no cash. However, he pretended that he was expecting a cheque. Shortly afterwards a curious episode occurred. The clergyman and his wife was awakened very early in the morning by noises in the study. Creeping downstairs they heard the chink of money being taken from the clergyman's desk. Without making any noise the clergyman opened the door with the help of a poker. He was amazed to see that there was no one in the room. His wife looked behind the curtains, under the desk and even in the chimney. No, there was no body in the room. Yet they found the desk open and the housekeeping money was missing. The helpless cler gyman simply said that the whole incident was an extraordinary one. 

Q.7. Briefly describe the extraordinary behaviour of Mrs. Hall's furniture.

Ans. Getting up very early in the morning the landlord and his wife found the door of the scientiest wide open. Usually it remained shut and locked and he was furious to find anyone entering his room. They thor oughly investigated the room and found to their surprise that the clothes and bandages that he always wore were lying about in the room. All of a sudden Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her ear. A moment later the hat on the bed post leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then bedroom chair became alive. It sprang into the air and charged strait at her legs. As she and her husband turned away in terror the chair pushed them out of the room. Then the door slamed and locked after them. Mrs. Hall was about to fall out of panic. She thought that the room was haunted by spirits and the stranger had somehow caused those enter into her furniture. She was almost in hysterics. Mrs. Hall lamented that her poor mother used to sit in that chair.

SEBA HSLC Class 10 Footprints without feet Important Questions Answers 2023

Q.8. What was the reaction of the neighbours to the activities of Griffin Iping? What did he do to show his power?

Ans. The neighbours of Mrs. Hall thought that the trouble in the inn was caused by witchcraft. No matter weather it was witchcraft or not but the scientiest was strongly suspected after what had happened in the clergyman's house. Suspicion grew stronger when he produced some ready cash. Because not before long he had admitted that he had no money. The village constable was secretly sent for. But before he ar rived, Mrs. Hall went to the scientist's room and he some how appeared before her. She asked him about what he had done with her chair and how he could come out of an empty room and how he had entered locked room. Griffin was always short tempered. He turned furious and said that she did not know who he was then to show his power he sud denly threw off his bandages, whiskers, spectacles and even nose. The horrified people found themselves staring at a headless man. 

Q.9. Give a description of the fight between Mr. Jaffers, the con stable and the scientiest. 

Ans. Mr. Jaffers, the constable arrived. He was surprised to find that he was to arrest a man without a head. But he was easily prevented from doing his duty. When a magistrate's warrant orders a person's arrest, then that person had to be arrested with or without head. There followed a remarkable (scene) when Mr. Jeffers tried to catch hold of a person who threw of his clothes and was becoming more and more invisible. At last a shirt flew into the air. The constable found himself struggling with someone he did not see at all. People who tried to help Mr. Jeffers were paid blows that seemed to come from nowhere, In the end Mr. Jeffers was knocked unconscious as he at tempted to hold on to the unseen scientiest. People cried to hold the scientist. But no one could lay hands on him. Jeffers had shaken himself free.

SEBA HSLC Class 10 Footprints without feet Important Questions Answers 2023

Q.10. "Griffin was rather a lawless person". Comment. 

Ans. Yes, Griffin was rather a lawless person. By profession he was a scientiest. He must have been very capable in his profession. This had been proved by his invension. He invented a rare drugs that could make human body transparent as glass and also invisible. But he was a re vengeful person and he burnt the house of his landlord. He stealthily entered the London cloths store, stock clothes, shoes and hat and fed himself free in the kitchen of the restaurant. Such behaviour is never expected of a scientiest. He knocked the shopkeeper at Drury Lane, stole his money; he stole the money from the clergyman's study; he misbehaved with Mrs. Hall the wife of the landlord and finally knocked down the policeman, Mr. Jeffers. One who does not obey law, or fails to behave properly and nicely is surely a lawless person. 

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Q.11. How would you asses Griffin as a scientist? 

Ans. No doubt, Griffin must have been an expert scientiest who could invent such things that could make him invisible. The aim of scientific men is to do good to his fellow men. In case of Griffin, it is seen that he did not bother much for the welfare of his fellowmen. He applied his inventive genius simply for the gratification of his own interest. Apart from that, with the help of his magic drugs he went on stealing and robbing people. He did mischief in the London store; in the shop at the Drury Lane; stole the money from the clergyman; he behaved rudely with Mrs. Hall and finally with knocked the policeman. Mr. Jeffers. A scientiest is generally a man of humility. But Griffin is quite opposite to such ideas and behaviour expected of a man of science. He could have done some good to the society if were liberal to use his knowledge for the welfare of mankind.


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