GU Microfinance Question Paper'2023 [Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem CBCS]

In this post we have or Provided what was asked in Gauhati University 4th Semester Microfinance Question Paper 2023.

GU Microfinance Question Paper'2023 [Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem CBCS]

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Are you looking for Gauhati University's 4th Semester Microfinance Question Paper 2023? If you want to know about Gauhati University   4th Semester Microfinance Question Paper 2023, then in this post we have or Provided what was asked in Gauhati University 4th Semester Microfinance Question Paper 2023.

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Gauhati University 4th Semester Microfinance Question  Paper 



Paper: COM-HC-4026


Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Q1. Choose the most appropriate answer for the following questions.: 1×10=10

(i) Microfinance includes

(a) Micro Credit

(b) Microsavings

(c) Microinsurance 

(d) All of the above 

(ii) NABARD launched microfinanc programe in the year______.

a) 1991 

(b) 1992 

(c) 1995 

(d) 2000 

(iii) “The SHG model of microfinance gives more importance on savings than credit." The statement is true/false. 

(iv) Which of the following is a source of fund for the microfinance institutions?

(a) Bank loan

(b) Debenture 

(c) Crowd fund

(d) All of the above

(v) According to the provisions of the Microfinance Institutions (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2012 all MFIs must be registered under______.

(a) SEBI

(b) Reserve Bank of India 


(d) None of the above 

(vi) "There is no credit risk in microfinance. The statement is true/false.

(vii) Identify the financial in inclusid programme :

(a) Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yoja 

(b) Prime Minister's Kaushal Vika Yojana

(c) Din Dayal Upadhyaya Grame Kaushalya Yojana

(d) None of the above

(viii) Which of the following measures the operational efficiency of a microfinance institution?

(a) Cost per borrower

(b) Number of active borrower   

(c) Size of MFI

(d) All of the above

(ix) NGO-MFIs are formed under________.

(a) The Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 

(b) The Societies Registration Act, 1860

(c) The Companies Act, 2013

(d) None of the above

(x) Write the full forms of SHG and JLC. 

2. Answer the following questions in about 50 words each : 2×5=10

(i) State any two features of microfinance.

(ii) Name two microfinance institutions operating in Assam.

(iii) State any two types of risks faced by MFIS.

(iv) Write a brief note on SHG mouer of microfinance.

(v) What are the objectives of financial inclusion?

3. Answer any four questions of the following in about 200 words each : 5×4=20

(i) Explain the need for regulation of microfinance sector in India. 

(ii) Write a detailed note on various models under which microfinance services are delivered in India.

(iii) Discuss the evolution of microfinance in India.

(iv) Explain different problems faced by microfinance sector in India.

(v) Discuss different initiatives taken by the government and the Reserve Bank of India in the direction of financial inclusion. 

(vi) Write a short note on the objectives of microfinance.

4. Answer any four of the following questions in about 600 words each : 10×4=40

(a) Discuss the role played by microfinance in the rural economy of India.

(b) Discuss briefly about the financial and non-financial services rendered by microfinance institutions. 

(c) Elaborately discuss the regulatory framework for microfinance in India.

(d) Explain the meaning of MFI with examples. Also discuss the structur of MFIs. 3+7=10

(e) What is meant by systematic risk? Explain briefly about different types o systematic risks faced by MFIs. 2+8=10

(f) Discuss the role played by NABARD i the sphere of microfinance with special mention to its Micro Credit Innovation Department.

(g) Discuss the procedure of assessing social impact of Microfinance institutions.

(h) Write a detailed note on the development of microfinance sector in India durin the post-1992 period. 


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