Banking Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern | Gauhati University

Guahati University Modern Banking Practice Syllabus 2022-23 5th sem As Per new CBCS Pettern


Total Marks: 100 

Credit 6

Lectures 65



Introduction: Bank-Meaning and functions, Origin and development of banking in India, Types of banks, Structure of commercial banks in India - public and private sector banks, Scheduled and Non-scheduled Banks; E-Banking-meaning, different types of services and products like ATM, debit and credit cards, phone banking, internet banking, EFT-RTGS and NEFT.



Banker –customer relationship; Definition of banker and customer, general relationship, rights and obligations of a banker, Garnishee order. Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

Customers’ account with the banker- fixed deposit account, savings account, current account- opening and operation of savings and current account, account facilities available for NRIs, KYC Guidelines Special types bank customers – minor, illiterate persons, joint account, partnership account, Joint Stock Company.



Employment of bank funds; Liquid assets- significance of liquidity in banking, cash balance, statutory reserve in the RBI; Loans and advances- principles of sound lending, types of credit, cash credit system, overdraft, loan system; Pledge, hypothecation and mortgage, collateral security.



Negotiable Instruments- Definition, features, types of negotiable instruments, holder and holder in due course, 

payment in due course; endorsements- meaning, kinds; crossing of cheque- types, significance, payment, collection 

of cheque, precautions, material alterations, statutory protection to paying and collecting banker.



Banking Regulation Act; requirements as to minimum paid-up capital and reserves, constitution of Board of Directors, loans and advances, licensing of banking companies, accounts and audit, powers of the RBI, Banking Sector Reforms and Governance: prudential norms relating to capital adequacy, income recognition, asset Classification.

Gauhati University Modern Banking Practice Syllabus 2022-2023 


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