Assam History MCQs eBook for Compative Exams | Assam History 800 MCQs | Assam History for Assam Compative Exams | Assam History Download PDF

Dear Students/Aspirants are looking for Assam History Complete MCQs eBook for Compative Exams like ADRE, APSC, Assam Police, SI and another Assam State Exams, Now no need to look further, In this Page we have provided Assam History MCQs eBook (Prehistory Periods to After Indipendent) with Most important Questions in Chronological Order for your Convenience. 

Assam History MCQs eBook for Compative Exams | Assam History 800 MCQs | Assam History for Assam Compative Exams | Assam History Download PDF

The Assam History 800+ MCQs Ebook 2023 Edition is crafted to ace all Assam State Exams by featuring meticulously chosen crucial questions with their respective answers. Although Assam's history is extensive, this MCQs eBook is designed to efficiently guide you through Assam's rich history in a remarkably short span, Assam Compative Exams Assam History Ebook.

Assam History 800+ MCQs eBook 

Assam is the northeastern part of India, boasts a rich historical legacy spanning several millennia. The state's vibrant past is an amalgamation of diverse cultures, traditions, and pivotal historical events that have shaped its identity. Understanding Assam's history is not only a testament to its cultural richness but also a key component for aspirants preparing for various competitive exams in the state.

Assam's History Ebook Contents

Assam's history is a mosaic of ancient civilizations, dynasties, socio-cultural developments, and political upheavals. From the prehistoric periods to its modern trajectory, each epoch holds significance in comprehending the state's journey.

1. Assam Prehistory to Ancient Periods: The eBook meticulously covers the prehistoric era, highlighting the region's early settlements, tools, and cultures. Moving through the ages, it delves into the ancient period, elucidating the rise of dynasties like the Varman and Pala, shaping Assam's socio-political landscape.

2. Assam Medieval Dynasties and Influences: It navigates through the medieval times, elucidating the Kamata, Koch, and Ahom dynasties, pivotal in shaping Assam's socio-cultural milieu. The eBook unravels the influences of various empires, such as the Mughals and Burmese, on the region.

3.Assam Colonial and Post-Independence Era: Assam's journey through the colonial rule, its participation in the freedom movement, and its post-independence trajectory are critical chapters covered comprehensively. The eBook offers insights into Assam's struggle for independence, its socio-economic development, and the contemporary challenges.

Assam History MCQs eBook for Compative Exams | Assam History 800 MCQs | Assam History for Assam Compative Exams | Assam History Download PDF , Kaushal Saikiya, Assam Compative Exam

Significance of Assam History MCQs eBook

The Assam History MCQs eBook (Assam History for Assam Compative Exams) stands as an indispensable resource for aspirants preparing for a spectrum of state-level examinations, including ADRE, APSC, Assam Police, SI, DME, and various competitive exams. Here's why this eBook holds immense value:

1. Comprehensive Coverage : With over 800 meticulously curated multiple-choice questions, the eBook offers a comprehensive understanding of Assam's history. Covering diverse topics in chronological order, it ensures a thorough grasp of historical events and their significance. Assam Compative Exams Assam History PDF.

2.Chronological Structure: The eBook's chronological presentation aids aspirants in organizing and memorizing historical events in a structured manner. This approach enhances comprehension, facilitating a better understanding of the sequence of historical developments in Assam.

3. Exam Relevance: Tailored specifically for various Assam state examinations, the eBook aligns with the syllabi, enabling aspirants to target their preparation effectively. The MCQ format helps in quick revision and self-assessment, crucial for competitive exams.

Why This Assam History MCQs eBook is Important

This eBook is super helpful for people getting ready for exams in Assam. Here's why:

1. Covers Everything : There are more than 800 questions in this eBook that cover everything about Assam's history. It goes step by step, making sure you really understand what happened and why it mattered.

2. Easy to Remember: The eBook's order helps you remember things better. It's like putting events in a story that's easy to follow. This helps in understanding how things happened over time in Assam.

3.Perfect for Exams: Made especially for Assam exams, this eBook follows the syllabus, making it perfect for exam prep. The questions in multiple-choice format help you study faster and check how well you're doing.


This eBook on Assam's history is a great guide for people wanting to know more about the state's past. It's not just for exams; it helps you appreciate Assam's culture and history, making it a valuable resource for anyone curious about this amazing state.

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