E-Commerce Question Paper'2023 GU [Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem CBCS]

Gauhati University's B.com 4th Semester E-COMMERCE Question Paper 2023? If you want to know about Gauhati University B.com 4th Semester E-COMMERCE

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Are you looking for Gauhati University's B.com 4th Semester E-COMMERCE Question Paper 2023? If you want to know about Gauhati University B.com   4th Semester E-COMMERCE Question Paper 2023, then in this post we have or Provided what was asked in Gauhati University B.com 4th Semester E-COMMERCE Question Paper 2023.
E-Commerce Question Paper'2023 GU [Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem CBCS]

To read the Complete Gauhati University BCom Business E-Commerce Question Paper 2023, read this post from beginning to end, after that you will get to know about Gauhati University B.com 4th Semester E-Commerce Question Paper 2023

Gauhati University B.com 4th Semester E-Commerce  Question  Paper 2023

4 (Sem-4/CBCS) SEC1/2 (E-COM/E-FR)



(Skill Enhancement Course)

Answer the Questions from any one Option.



Paper: COM-SEC-4014

Full Mark - 50

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Choose the right option from the following: 1×4=4

(i) Search engine optimization is an strategy for 

(a) getting wider audience 

(b) enhancing the search engine 

(c) testing the website 

(d) registering a website

(ii) What do you mean by ISP?

(a) Internet Service Protocol

(b) Internal Service Protocol

(c) Internet Service Provider

(d) None of the above 

(iii) Google.co.in is a/an_______of Google.com  

(a) duplicate site 

(b) Indian copy 

(c) mirror site

(d) replica 

(iv) CSS stands for

(a) Cascading Style Shorts 

(b) Cascading Style Shifts 

(c) Cascading Slope Shorts 

(d) Cascading Style Sheets 

2. Answer the following questions: 2×3=6

(i) What is affiliate marketing?

(ii) What is a digital signature ?

(iii) What is UPI ?

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3. Write short notes on: (any two) 5x2=10

(i) E-commerce revenue model 

(ii) Different HTML tags 

(iii) IT Act, 2000 

(iv) Encryption 

4. Answer any three:

(i) What is a HTML form? Write code for creating a form to collect personnel details such as name, age, gender, phone number, address etc. Place a dropdown box for selecting gender. 2+8=10

(ii) What are the different security threats in the E-commerce environment? Also write about cyber crimes associated with E-commerce.

(iii) Define E-commerce. Describe the basic E-commerce models. 2+8=10

(iv) What is online banking? Write about the different techniques that are adopted by banks to provide online banking to its customers. Also write the advantages of online banking for customers as well as banks. 2+5+3=10

(v) Describe different steps of E-commerce website building and hosting. 10

(vi) What is E-services? Describe the role of E-services in tourism, career and education . 2+8=10


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