E-commerce Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022) | Gauhati University B.com 4th Sem CBSC Pettern

In this Post we have Uploaded Guahati University E-Commerce Question Paper 2021 Held in 2022 Which Can be Very Useful B.com 4th Sem Students of Guah

In this Post we have Uploaded Guahati University  E-Commerce Question Paper 2021 Held in 2022  Which Can be Very Useful B.com 4th Sem Students of Guahati University (GU).

Gauhati University B.Com 4th Sem(Hons.)Question Paper 2021

E-Commerce Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022)


(Skill Enhancement Course)

Full Marks: 50 

(Time: Two hours)

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Paper: COM-SEC-4014 (E-Commerce)


Marks: 26

1. Answer the following questions:                           1×6=6

(a)   What is an electronic market?

(b)  India has enacted the first IT Act in the year _______.

(c)   WWW means _______.

(d)  Mozilla Firefox is an example of_______.

(e)  HTML stands for _______.

(f)   _______ is the first page of a web site.

2. Answer the following questions:           2×5=10

(a)       What are the two advantages of E-commerce over traditional commerce?

(b)       List any two examples of E-commerce.

(c)       What is Digital Certificate?

(d)       Write any two technical disadvantages of E-commerce.

(e)       How is e-mail useful for E-commerce?

3. Answer any two of the following questions:                    5×2=10

(a)       What are the features of E-commerce?

(b)       What are the different types of E-commerce Model?

(c)       Briefly explain the various electronic payment systems.

(d)       What are common types of encryption?

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Marks: 24

4. Answer any three of the following questions:           8×3=24

(a)       What are the different technologies used in E-commerce?

(b)       Briefly explain the main categories of E-commerce.

(c)       What are the key features of Information Technology Act, 2000? What are the relationship between Cyber Law and IT Act, 2000?

(d)       What is e-payment? What are the different advantages and disadvantages of e-payment system?

(e)       What is the role of E-commerce applications in various industries like banking and insurance? What are the main advantages of online transaction?


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