Microfinance Question Paper 2021 (held in 2022) - Gauhati University B.com 4th Sem CBCS Pettern

In this page we have uploaded Gauahti University microfinance 2021 held in 2022 question paper b.com 4th Sem as per new CBCS Pettern

[Gauhati University Micro Finance 2021 (held in 2022) Question Paper] 

Gauahti University BCom 4th Sem Microfinance Question paper 2021
GU Microfinance 2021 Question Paper

Gauhati University BCom 4th Sem. Question
n Paper 2021(Held in 2022)


Full Marks : 80


Time: Three Hours

Figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer as directed: 1×6=6

(a) In which year was the NABARD established?

(b) The World Credit Summit was held at Washington in 





(c) In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?

(d) Who is the founder of Micro Credit? 

(e) Name two Microfinance Institutions in India.

(f) Bandhan Bank was established in the year of 2015.

(State whether true or false

2. Answer the following: 2x5=10

(a) Define Microfinance.

(b) What is Financial inclusion? 

(c) Mention two objectives of microfinance.

(d) What is Fund Management? 

(e) Write about a note on micro entrepreneurs.

👉 Microfinance Solved Paper 2021

3. Answer any four of the following questions : [ about 250 words cach) 6×4=24

(a) Distinguish between Microfinance and Micro-Credit.

(b) Briefly state the structure of Micro finance Institutions.

(c) Discuss the objectives of NABARD.

(d) What are the main limitations of format source of finance? 

(e) Explain the benefit of microfinance products.

(f) How microfinance contributes towards creation of micro enterprise?

4. Answer any four of the following questions: (in about 600 words each) 10x4=40

(a) Discuss briefly the evolution and growth of microfinance in India. 

(b) Write a critical note on various legal form of Microfinance Institutions. Which one you consider to be more efficient in providing the services and why?

(c) Describe the role of NABARD in Microfinance.

(d)Discuss various types of Risk in Micro finance Institutions.

(e) "The microfinance movement and transition economies in developing countries like India is bound to fail and only bank can provide a lasting solution in the problem of financial exclusion in those countries".Do you agree or disagree with the above comment? Explain as to why banks may not necessarily address the needs of the poor. Also highlight the features of microfinance that suits the need of the poor.

(f) Briefly describe The Microfinance Institutions (Development and Regulation Bill, 2012).


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