AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper '2022 | HS First Year English Question Paper '2022

In this post we have Shared AHSEC Class 11 English Question paper 2022 (AHSEC HS First Year English Question Paper 2022), Which can be very beneficial


AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper '2022 | HS First Year English Question Paper '2022

In this post we have Shared AHSEC Class 11 English Question paper 2022 (AHSEC HS First Year English Question Paper 2022), Which can be very beneficial for your upcoming exam preparation. So read this post from top to bottom and get familiar with the question asked in AHSEC HS Class 11 English Question paper 2022.

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Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.



1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Life on our planet earth began with the sea: it is the birthplace of life on the earth. The earth is the only planet of the solar system so far known which contains plenty of water and this water has made our earth colourful, pulsating with life of a vast variety.

At present sea occupies about 70 percent of the earth's surface. In the southern hemisphere it occupies more area than that in the northern. About 97 percent of the total water on the surface of the earth is found in the seas and the remaining three percent, which is generally fresh, in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

Sea has given food and shelter to countless creatures. It is a potential source of protein. In 1900, the world population was only 150 crore (1500 million), now it is more than 760 crore and it is increasing at a very fast rate.

As a result, there is a terrible hunger in many parts of the world. In Africa, Asia and South America, millions of people do not get enough to eat. Many die of malnutrition. Sea, if used scientifically and judiciously, can meet most of our demands.

Plankton or algae mostly constitute the plant life. Some are tiny microbes which cannot be seen by the naked eye but they are found in abundance in the sea.

These marine plankton form the basis of entire sea life. Like plant plankton, there are also animal plankton, the smallest living creatures of the sea. These animal plankton feed on plant plankton and small fish. Thus there is an

unbroken chain of life in the sea. Arctic and Antarctic seas abound in plankton and algae and so in fish also. Blue whales, the largest living creatures of the world, are also found in great number.

Some countries have developed sea farming to a great extent. The Japanese and Hawaiians relish eating sea plants but it is not in other countries though some use them to feed their cattle or as manure in their fields. The fact is that sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in other vegetarian food. It is good that even in our country some scientists have developed some recipes for curries, jams, etc., to be made from algae.

But we must remember one thing that sea is not to be exploited indiscriminately. For example, man in his greed has haunted whales and some other sea creatures so recklessly that some of their species have either become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. Now nations of the world have realized their folly and have taken some joint decisions. For example, one such decision is that the size of the holes in fishing nets should be big enough to let baby fish escape through. Otherwise, killing of large quantities of very young fish would have an adverse effect on the fish population. In the same way, another decision is for the protection of the blue whales.


(a) Why is our earth more colorful and full of life than the other planets of the solar system? 2

(b Mention any two uses of the sea. 2

(c) "There is an unbroken chain of life in the sea." Explain   2

(d) How are humans responsible for the extinction of Some species of sea creatures? 2

(e) Find the words in the passage which mean the same as 'unfavorable' and wisely'. 2

(f) Choose the appropriate option 1x2=2

(i) There is a terrible hunger in many parts of the world due to

1. overpopulation

2. increase of pollution level

3. industrialization

(ii) Sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in

1. other vegetarian food

2. non-vegetarian food

2. Read the following passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

1. Cycling survives as a popular pastime because it yields pleasure and benefits. First of all, cycling provides exercise, the need of which is felt by most people. The development of machinery tends to deprive us of adequate opportunities of expending energy while earning a livelihood. Other opportunities should be created through the medium of sports. Of cycling, many people hastily say that it is 'hard work but a fit and practiced rider does not agree with this verdict. The art of easy cycling must be cultivated, as will be shown later, but once it has been acquired, a long day's run should not unduly tire any rider endowed with a normal measure of health. Nobody has better described the exercise of cycling than the late Twells Brex, who said enthusiastically, speaking from experience: "You move along by your own glad effort." Many of us wish to use our legs and our lungs, as well as our eyes. An active, healthy person ought not to be contented to travel always as a mere passenger-"Like an image pushed from behind", as Stevenson says. That is not life. Those who would turn all active cyclists into sedentary motor-drivers, or into idle passengers, would serve the nation better if they restricted their attentions to the aged and infirm, for whom petrol-generated propulsion is doubtless a blessing, and may be a necessity.

2. It is often said that the cyclist cannot travel as fast or as far as the motorist. Admitting this, the cyclist may be permitted to ask if it is always desirable that travel should involve modern motoring speeds (or accidents). Is the enjoyment of a traveller in search of pleasure to be measured merely in miles, or, what is worse in miles-per-hour, or what is worse still, in miles-per-gallon? Surely the cyclist, pedalling calmly along at a modest twelve miles an hour is able to assimilate scenery more easily, more completely, and with more enjoyment, than the hurrying occupant of a car! Cyclists believe that their method of travel is a sensible and convenient compromise between walking and driving. If bicycles were unobtainable, most keen cyclists would become trampers rather than motorists.

3. There are at least two distinct types of cyclists. The exercise of pedaling provides an all-sufficient satisfaction for one type. This is the purely athletic rider who travels in long, fast riders, in time trails, and other forms of strenuous competition, and sometimes attacks records. This type of cyclist goes into strict training, develops leg-thrust and perfect ankle action and thinks nothing of pedalling at twenty miles an hour. The other distinct type is the tourist, who takes no interest in racing but a deep interest in the countryside and the pageant unfolded by the open road. Comparatively, few cyclists are interested deeply in both racing and touring.


(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it and add a suitable title to it. 5

(b) Make a summary of the above passage in about 80 words.  3



3. Your younger brother has joined a boarding school. He wants to know how to prepare for the board exam. Give him a few tips in not more than 100 words. 6


As an active member of the interact club of your school, you had participated in a summer camp organized by the Rotary Club of your district. Write a report on it in 100 words. You are Geeta/Gyan of XYZ Public School. 6

4. You are Niraj/ Neena. You feel highly disturbed when you read about the hike in the prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, vegetables, etc. Write an article on Price-hike of Essential Commodities for publication in a local daily, suggesting certain steps to curb this menace. 6


Write an article for your schoo1/college magazine on the importance of cleanliness in the school/ college campus. 6

5. You are Pritam/Parul. You would like to apply for the post of Assistant Manager in a reputed company in Guwahati. Write an application to the Public Relation Officer, Bikash Enterprises, Guwahati in response to the advertisement. Prepare a bio-data to be enclosed.  8


Write a letter to the Editor of The Assam Tribune' about the inadequate parking facilities in Commercial Street in your locality, which is causing lot of inconvenience to the people. Also suggest some measures.       8



6. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners (any two): 1/2x2=1

(i) Do you have _____complaint against me?

(ii) All the boys went to the beach but only _____could swim.

(iii) _____rich cannot buy happiness with their money.

(iv) ____his friends deserted him at the hour of need.

(b) Rewrite any two of the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given in the brackets: 1/2x2=1

(i) We ______(go) to school at 9 o'clock every day.

(ii) I wish I _____ (be) a king.

(iii) It ____(rain) since morning.

(iv) They _____(send) my books by next week.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modal auxiliaries: 1/2x2=1

(i) He ______pay his dues before he can be allowed to sit at the examination. (Compulsion)

(ii) He _____listen to what his parents say. (Moral duty)

(d) Correct the following: 1/2x2=1

(i) He is senior than me.

(ii) Neither Ram nor Rahim are present in the meeting.

7. (a) Complete the following piece of conversation by choosing the correct alternatives from the brackets: 2

I said to her, " ______(How/When) are you?" She replied, "I am fine. It's nice to see you ____(returned/come/back) in our village."

(b) Rearrange the words in the following to form meaningful sentences (any two): 1x2=2

(i) in the class one of the tallest girls she is

(ii) a day an apple away the doctor keeps

(iii) a river is Ganga holy

(iv) tiger I a seen never have

8. Rewrite the following sentences as directed (any two): 1x2=2

(a) No other boy in the class is as tall as he. (Change it into comparative degree)

(b) On seeing the lion, he ran away. (Change it into compound sentence)

(c) I know where he lives. (Change it into simple sentence)

(d) He could not come to school due to his illness. (Change it into complex sentence)


(Textual Questions)

9. Read any one of the stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow:

(a) The cardboard shows me how it was

When the two girl cousins went paddling.

Each one holding one of my mother's hands,

And she the big girl-some twelve years or so.

All three stood still to smile through their hair

At the uncle with the camera."

(i) What does the cardboard show the poet? 1

(ii) How did the girls go to the sea beach? 1

(iii) Why did the two girl cousins hold one of the poet's mother's hands? 1

(iv) Who clicked the three girls in the cardboard?    1

(v) What kind of a childhood do the quoted lines project? 4

(b) "And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin, And make pure and beautify it:

(For song, issuing from its birthplace, after fulfillment, wandering Reck'd or unreck'd, duly with love returns.)"

(i) What does the rain give to her own origin? 1

(ii) What are the two things that the rain does to the place of her own origin? 2

(iii) Where does the song issue from?  1

(iv) Describe the never-ending cycle of rain.     4

10. Answer any three of the following questions: 2x3=6

(a) How did the poet's mother laugh at the snapshot? What did this laugh indicate?

(b) How did the poet's mother look at the time of taking the photograph?

(c) What will happen if it does not rain?

(d) Write in your own words what the rain speaks about itself.

(e) Why does the poet say that his childhood went to some forgotten place?

(f) Why was the father unhappy in the poem, Father to Son?

(g) What does the poet of the poem, Childhood speak about adults?

11. Answer any five of the following questions: 2x5=10

(a) How do you know that author's grandmother was a deeply religious person?

(b) How did the grandmother celebrate the homecoming of the author?

(c) Why did the grandmother always accompany the author to the school?

(d) Contrast the Chinese view of art with the European view.

(e) What do you understand by 'sustainable development'?

(f) Who was Wu Daozi? What did he paint for the Emperor?

(g) Who is the most dangerous animal and why?

(h) What differences does Verrier Elwin draw between the Game Sanctuaries of Kenya and Kaziranga?

(i) What is the Sola topi?

12. Describe the changing relationship between the author Khushwant Singh and his grandmother. Did their feeling for each other change?   6


What are the principal biological systems of the earth? How are these systems systematically destroyed by man? 6

13. Answer any one of the following questions: 6

(a) What steps did the narrator take to get Ranga married to Ratna?

(b) Were the teachers interested in understanding Albert Einstein and bringing out his potential?

14. Answer any two of the following questions in brief: 2x2=4

(a) How did music help Albert?

(b) What kind of a student was Einstein?

(c) What does narrator say about Hosahalli?

(d) What happened when Ranga returned to his village from the city of Bangalore?


Benefits of AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022

AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022 can be a valuable resource for students preparing for their upcoming examinations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I use the AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022?

Ans: It is recommended to use the  question paper regularly as part of your overall study plan. You can use it to practice answering questions, review key concepts, and improve your time management skills. It's also a good idea to use it closer to the exam date as a final review tool.

Q: How can I get the AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022?

Ans: The question paper can be obtained from (www.thetreasurenotes.in) The Treasure Notes Website one of the genuine and trustable site for Students in Assam.

Q: Can I use AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022 for other boards exams as well?

Ans: The question paper is specifically designed for the AHSEC board exams. However, the concepts and topics covered in the paper are generally applicable to other boards as well, so it can be used as a practice tool. But it's always better to consult the official website of that particular board for more information.


Overall, AHSEC Class 11 English Question Paper 2022 can be an extremely helpful resource for students preparing for their upcoming examinations. It can be used to practice, review, and improve time management skills, and can also give you an idea about the exam pattern and previous year questions.

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