AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022 [ AHSEC HS First Year English Solved Paper 2022]

In this post we have Shared AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question paper 2022, Which can be very beneficial for your upcoming exam preparation.
AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022 [ AHSEC HS First Year English Solved Paper 2022]

In this post we have Shared AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question paper 2022, Which can be very beneficial for your upcoming exam preparation. So read this post from top to bottom and get familiar with the question asked in AHSEC HS First Year English Question paper Solution 2022.

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AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022


Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.




1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Life on our planet earth began with the sea: it is the birthplace of life on the earth. The earth is the only planet of the solar system so far known which contains plenty of water and this water has made our earth colorful, pulsating with life of a vast variety.

At present the sea occupies about 70 percent of the earth's surface. In the southern hemisphere it occupies more area than that in the northern. About 97 percent of the total water on the surface of the earth is found in the seas and the remaining three percent, which is generally fresh, in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

Sea has given food and shelter to countless creatures. It is a potential source of protein. In 1900, the world population was only 150 crore (1500 million), now it is more than 760 crore and it is increasing at a very fast rate.

As a result, there is a terrible hunger in many parts of the world. In Africa, Asia and South America, millions of people do not get enough to eat. Many die of malnutrition. Sea, if used scientifically and judiciously, can meet most of our demands.

Plankton or algae mostly constitute the plant life. Some are tiny microbes which cannot be seen by the naked eye but they are found in abundance in the sea.

These marine plankton form the basis of entire sea life. Like plant plankton, there are also animal plankton, the smallest living creatures of the sea. These animal plankton feed on plant plankton and small fish. Thus there is an

unbroken chain of life in the sea. Arctic and Antarctic seas abound in plankton and algae and so in fish also. Blue whales, the largest living creatures of the world, are also found in great number.

Some countries have developed sea farming to a great extent. The Japanese and Hawaiians relish eating sea plants but it is not in other countries though some use them to feed their cattle or as manure in their fields. The fact is that sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in other vegetarian food. It is good that even in our country some scientists have developed some recipes for curries, jams, etc., to be made from algae.

But we must remember one thing that sea is not to be exploited indiscriminately. For example, man in his greed has haunted whales and some other sea creatures so recklessly that some of their species have either become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. Now nations of the world have realized their folly and have taken some joint decisions. For example, one such decision is that the size of the holes in fishing nets should be big enough to let baby fish escape through. Otherwise, killing of large quantities of very young fish would have an adverse effect on the fish population. In the same way, another decision is for the protection of the blue whales.


(a) Why is our earth more colorful and full of life than the other planets of the solar system? 2

Ans: Our earth is more colorful and full of life than other planets of the solar system because it contains plenty of water, which is the birthplace of life on earth.

(b Mention any two uses of the sea. 2

Ans: Two uses of the sea are providing food and shelter to countless creatures and being a potential source of protein that can meet most of our demands.

(c) "There is an unbroken chain of life in the sea." Explain   2

Ans: The statement "there is an unbroken chain of life in the sea" means that there is a continuous cycle of life in the sea where marine plankton form the basis of entire sea life. The plant plankton is eaten by animal plankton, which in turn are eaten by small fish and so on, creating a chain of life that is uninterrupted.

(d) How are humans responsible for the extinction of Some species of sea creatures? 2

Ans: Humans are responsible for the extinction of some species of sea creatures by exploiting the sea indiscriminately, such as hunting whales and other sea creatures recklessly, without considering their long-term survival. This has led to some species becoming extinct or being on the verge of extinction.

(e) Find the words in the passage which mean the same as 'unfavorable' and wisely'. 2

Ans:  The words in the passage which mean the same as 'unfavorable' and 'wisely' are 'adverse' and 'judiciously' respectively.

AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022

(f) Choose the appropriate option 1x2=2

(i) There is a terrible hunger in many parts of the world due to

1. Overpopulation

2. Increase of pollution level

3. Industrialization

Ans: Overpopulation

(ii) Sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in

1. Other vegetarian food

2. Non-vegetarian food

Ans: Other vegetarian food

2. Read the following passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

1. Cycling survives as a popular pastime because it yields pleasure and benefits. First of all, cycling provides exercise, the need of which is felt by most people. The development of machinery tends to deprive us of adequate opportunities of expending energy while earning a livelihood. Other opportunities should be created through the medium of sports. Of cycling, many people hastily say that it is 'hard work but a fit and practiced rider does not agree with this verdict. The art of easy cycling must be cultivated, as will be shown later, but once it has been acquired, a long day's run should not unduly tire any rider endowed with a normal measure of health. Nobody has better described the exercise of cycling than the late Twells Brex, who said enthusiastically, speaking from experience: "You move along by your own glad effort." Many of us wish to use our legs and our lungs, as well as our eyes. An active, healthy person ought not to be contented to travel always as a mere passenger-"Like an image pushed from behind", as Stevenson says. That is not life. Those who would turn all active cyclists into sedentary motor-drivers, or into idle passengers, would serve the nation better if they restricted their attentions to the aged and infirm, for whom petrol-generated propulsion is doubtless a blessing, and may be a necessity.

2. It is often said that the cyclist cannot travel as fast or as far as the motorist. Admitting this, the cyclist may be permitted to ask if it is always desirable that travel should involve modern motoring speeds (or accidents). Is the enjoyment of a traveller in search of pleasure to be measured merely in miles, or, what is worse in miles-per-hour, or what is worse still, in miles-per-gallon? Surely the cyclist, pedalling calmly along at a modest twelve miles an hour is able to assimilate scenery more easily, more completely, and with more enjoyment, than the hurrying occupant of a car! Cyclists believe that their method of travel is a sensible and convenient compromise between walking and driving. If bicycles were unobtainable, most keen cyclists would become trampers rather than motorists.

3. There are at least two distinct types of cyclists. The exercise of pedaling provides an all-sufficient satisfaction for one type. This is the purely athletic rider who travels in long, fast riders, in time trails, and other forms of strenuous competition, and sometimes attacks records. This type of cyclist goes into strict training, develops leg-thrust and perfect ankle action and thinks nothing of pedalling at twenty miles an hour. The other distinct type is the tourist, who takes no interest in racing but a deep interest in the countryside and the pageant unfolded by the open road. Comparatively, few cyclists are interested deeply in both racing and touring.


(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it and add a suitable title to it. 5


 Title: Benefits and Joys of Cycling


1.Cycling provides exercise opportunities and helps in expending energy.

2.Cycling is not hard work and can be easily learned and mastered.

3.Cycling allows an individual to use their legs, lungs, and eyes while traveling.

4.The cyclist can appreciate the scenery more easily and enjoyably than the car occupant.

5.There are two distinct types of cyclists: the athletic rider and the tourists.

(b) Make a summary of the above passage in about 80 words.  3

Ans: The passage highlights the benefits and pleasures of cycling as a popular pastime. Cycling provides exercise opportunities, helps in expending energy, and allows individuals to use their legs, lungs, and eyes while travelling. It is not hard work and can be easily learned and mastered. The cyclist can appreciate the scenery more easily and enjoyably than the car occupant. The passage also describes the two distinct types of cyclists: the athletic rider and the tourist. The former is involved in racing and competition, while the latter takes an interest in the countryside and the pageant unfolded by the open road.

AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022



3. Your younger brother has joined a boarding school. He wants to know how to prepare for the board exam. Give him a few tips in not more than 100 words. 6


A K Dev Path
10th June, 2022 

Dear Arnav,

How are you? I am fine and safe here and hope to hear the same from you. It's been long we haven't had a word with each other. How is your study going on?

I hope you are preparing well for your class X board examination. In this letter I am going to give you some tips for the grade level preparation for the exam. First of all, you must keep in mind that doing well in exam needs confidence in you. So, be confident and accurate and sludy peacefully. You are prone to make silly mistakes. So, you should practice more and more sums to get good marks in mathematics. Go through the text thoroughly so that you can answer any question in any subject. Convey my regards to Mummy and Papa.

Your loving brother.


As an active member of the interact club of your school, you had participated in a summer camp organized by the Rotary Club of your district. Write a report on it in 100 words. You are Geeta/Gyan of XYZ Public School. 6


Report on Summer Camp Organized by Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of our district organized a summer camp that I had the opportunity to participate in as an active member of the interact club of XYZ Public School. The camp aimed to promote leadership skills, teamwork, and community service among the youth. The camp was a five-day program held in a scenic location with various fun-filled activities and sessions conducted by experienced trainers. We engaged in activities like trekking, outdoor games, and cultural programs. The interactive sessions on leadership and community service were quite informative and inspiring. The camp provided a great platform to meet like-minded individuals and foster a sense of social responsibility. Overall, it was an enriching experience that taught us valuable life skills.

4. You are Niraj/ Neena. You feel highly disturbed when you read about the hike in the prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, vegetables, etc. Write an article on Price-hike of Essential Commodities for publication in a local daily, suggesting certain steps to curb this menace. 6

Ans: Price-hike of Essential Commodities: A Menace that Needs to be Curbed

The recent hike in the prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, vegetables, and others has caused great distress among the common people. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to take notice of such issues and come forward to suggest some measures to curb this menace.

One of the major reasons for the hike in prices is the lack of proper regulation by the authorities. The hoarding of essential commodities and black marketing is also a major cause for concern. It is essential that the government takes necessary steps to ensure that essential commodities reach the common people at reasonable prices.

Another important aspect is the need to promote local production and distribution of essential commodities. This will not only reduce the transportation costs but also ensure a steady supply of quality goods. The government must also provide incentives and subsidies to farmers and small-scale producers to encourage them to grow more and supply directly to the consumers.

Lastly, it is essential to promote public awareness about the importance of using resources judiciously. The rampant wastage of essential commodities is a major concern and needs to be addressed. People must be made aware of the need to conserve resources and use them wisely.

In conclusion, the issue of price-hike of essential commodities is a serious concern and needs immediate attention. The government and citizens must work together to find effective solutions to this problem. It is only through collective efforts that we can ensure a better future for our country.


Write an article for your school/college magazine on the importance of cleanliness in the school/ college campus. 6

Ans: Importance of Cleanliness in the School/College Campus

Cleanliness is one of the fundamental elements of human life. It is essential not only for our well-being but also for the society in which we live. A clean environment leads to a healthy atmosphere, which in turn, helps in the growth and development of individuals. Schools and colleges, being a second home for students, must maintain cleanliness to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

Maintaining cleanliness in the school/college campus is not just about cleanliness of classrooms and toilets, but it is also about keeping the entire campus clean, including the playground, library, cafeteria, and corridors. A clean campus not only promotes hygiene but also encourages discipline and a sense of responsibility among students. It helps in reducing the spread of diseases, which is especially important during the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleanliness in the campus also contributes to the beauty of the institution. A well-maintained campus enhances the aesthetic appeal of the institution, which is necessary for attracting prospective students and creating a positive image in the community. It also fosters a sense of pride among the students, faculty, and staff, which is essential for the overall development of the institution.

To maintain cleanliness in the campus, everyone has a role to play. Students must be conscious of their actions and should dispose of waste in the designated bins. They should also maintain personal hygiene and follow good sanitary practices. Teachers and staff should ensure that the campus is clean and hygienic, and should take steps to educate and encourage students to maintain cleanliness.

In conclusion, cleanliness is crucial for the overall development of an institution. A clean and hygienic environment promotes health, discipline, responsibility, and pride among the students, faculty, and staff. It is the responsibility of everyone in the institution to maintain cleanliness in the campus and ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

5. You are Pritam/Parul. You would like to apply for the post of Assistant Manager in a reputed company in Guwahati. Write an application to the Public Relation Officer, Bikash Enterprises, Guwahati in response to the advertisement. Prepare a bio-data to be enclosed.  8



12, ABC Street

Guwahati - 781001

February 27, 2023

The Public Relation Officer

Bikash Enterprises


Subject: Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to the advertisement posted on your website for the position of Assistant Manager in your esteemed organization. I am excited to apply for this position, as I am confident that my skills and experience make me a suitable candidate for the role.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Guwahati University and have 4 years of experience in the field of management. My experience has honed my skills in planning, executing and monitoring various projects, which I believe would be useful in this role. Furthermore, my ability to work collaboratively with team members and lead them in achieving set objectives aligns well with the job description of an Assistant Manager.

Enclosed with this letter is my bio-data, which outlines my educational qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information. I hope that it gives you a better understanding of my capabilities and achievements.

I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your organization and look forward to the opportunity to discuss my application further. Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,



Name: Pritam/Parul

Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY

Contact Information:

Phone: 9876543xxx

Email: [email protected]

Educational Qualifications:

Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Gauhati University, 20XX-20XX

Post Graduation: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Indian Institute of Management, 20XX-20XX

Work Experience:

  • Assistant Manager, XYZ Company, Guwahati, 20XX-Present

  • Internship, ABC Corporation, Mumbai, 20XX


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

  • Proficient in MS Office and data analysis tools

  • Ability to work in a team and under pressure

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Reading books on management and leadership

  • Playing badminton

  • Volunteering for social causes


  • Mr./Ms. ABC, Manager, XYZ Company, Guwahati

  • Dr. XYZ, Professor, Gauhati University

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Write a letter to the Editor of The Assam Tribune' about the inadequate parking facilities in Commercial Street in your locality, which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. Also suggest some measures.       8


12 June, 2022
The Editor
The Assam Tribune
Chandmari, Guwahati-3

Subject: Inadequate Parking facility.


I am writing to draw your attention to the inadequate parking facilities in Commercial Street, which is causing a great deal of inconvenience to both residents and visitors in the area.

As a resident of this locality, I have observed that the parking situation has become increasingly difficult over the past few years. Despite the fact that Commercial Street is one of the busiest commercial areas in the city, there are very few designated parking spaces available for vehicles. This often leads to haphazard parking on the roadsides, which not only creates traffic congestion but also poses a safety hazard for pedestrians.

Furthermore, the lack of parking spaces has also had an adverse impact on local businesses. Many customers find it difficult to find a safe and convenient place to park their vehicles, which discourages them from visiting the area. As a result, many businesses are struggling to attract and retain customers, which is a major concern for the economic development of the area.

Therefore, I urge the local authorities to take immediate action to address this issue by providing more designated parking spaces in Commercial Street. This could include the construction of multi-level parking lots or the conversion of unused spaces into parking lots. I also believe that the implementation of strict parking regulations and penalties for violators could help to improve the situation.

In conclusion, I hope that this issue receives the attention it deserves from the concerned authorities. Adequate parking facilities are essential for the smooth functioning of any commercial area, and it is high time that the authorities take concrete steps to address this problem in Commercial Street.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

AHSEC Class 11 English Solved Question Paper 2022



6. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners (any two): 1/2x2=1

(i) Do you have _____complaint against me?

Ans:  Any 

(ii) All the boys went to the beach but only _____could swim.

Ans:  A Few

(iii) _____rich cannot buy happiness with their money.

Ans: The

(iv) ____his friends deserted him at the hour of need.

Ans: All

(b) Rewrite any two of the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given in the brackets: 1/2x2=1

(i) We ______(go) to school at 9 o'clock every day.

Ans: We go to school at 9 o'clock every day.

(ii) I wish I _____ (be) a king.

Ans:I wish I were a king.

(iii) It ____(rain) since morning.

Ans: It has been raining since morning.

(iv) They _____(send) my books by next week.

Ans: They will send my books by next week.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modal auxiliaries: 1/2x2=1

(i) He ______pay his dues before he can be allowed to sit at the examination. (Compulsion)

Ans: He must pay his dues before he can be allowed to sit at the examination. (Compulsion)

(ii) He _____listen to what his parents say. (Moral duty)

Ans: He should listen to what his parents say. (Moral duty)

(d) Correct the following: 1/2x2=1

(i) He is senior than me.

Ans: He is older than me.

(ii) Neither Ram nor Rahim are present in the meeting.

Ans : Neither Ram nor Rahim is present in the meeting. 

(Use "is" instead of "are" because the subject "neither Ram nor Rahim" is singular)

7. (a) Complete the following piece of conversation by choosing the correct alternatives from the brackets: 2

I said to her, " ______(How/When) are you?" She replied, "I am fine. It's nice to see you ____(returned/come/back) in our village."

Ans:I said to her, "How are you?" She replied, "I am fine. It's nice to see you back in our village."

(b) Rearrange the words in the following to form meaningful sentences (any two): 1x2=2

(i) in the class one of the tallest girls she is

Ans: She is one of the tallest girls in the class.

(ii) a day an apple away the doctor keeps

Ans: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

(iii) a river is Ganga holy

Ans:Ganga is a holy river.

(iv) tiger I a seen never have

Ans: I have never seen a tiger.

8. Rewrite the following sentences as directed (any two): 1x2=2

(a) No other boy in the class is as tall as he. (Change it into comparative degree)

(b) On seeing the lion, he ran away. (Change it into compound sentence)

(c) I know where he lives. (Change it into simple sentence)

(d) He could not come to school due to his illness. (Change it into complex sentence)


(a) He is taller than any other boy in the class. (Comparative degree)

(b) He saw the lion and ran away. (Compound sentence)

(c) His place of residence is known to me. (Simple sentence)

(d) As he was ill, he could not come to school. (Complex sentence)


(Textual Questions)

9. Read any one of the stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow:

a " The cardboard shows me how it was

When the two girl cousins went paddling.

Each one holding one of my mother's hands,

And she the big girl-some twelve years or so.

All three stood still to smile through their hair

At the uncle with the camera."

(i) What does the cardboard show the poet? 1

Ans: The cardboard shows the poet a picture of his mother and her two girl cousins at the sea beach, with his mother holding one of the girl's hands.

(ii) How did the girls go to the sea beach? 1

Ans:  The girls went paddling to the sea beach.

(iii) Why did the two girl cousins hold one of the poet's mother's hands? 1

Ans: The two girl cousins held one of the poet's mother's hands for support or guidance while they were paddling.

(iv) Who clicked the three girls in the cardboard?    1

Ans: The uncle with the camera clicked the three girls in the cardboard.

(v) What kind of a childhood do the quoted lines project? 4

Ans: The quoted lines project a nostalgic and sentimental childhood, where the poet reminisces about a happy memory from his past. It also portrays a close-knit family bond, with the mother holding the girls' hands and the uncle capturing the moment. The lines suggest a carefree and innocent time in the poet's life, where small things like paddling in the sea with family were joyful and memorable experiences.

(b) "And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin, And make pure and beautify it:

(For song, issuing from its birthplace, after fulfillment, wandering Reck'd or unreck'd, duly with love returns.)"

(i) What does the rain give to her own origin? 1

(ii) What are the two things that the rain does to the place of her own origin? 2

(iii) Where does the song issue from?  1

(iv) Describe the never-ending cycle of rain.     4

Ans: (i) The rain gives back life to her own origin.

(ii) The rain makes the place of her own origin pure and beautifies it.

(iii) The song issues from its birthplace.

(iv) The rain symbolizes a never-ending cycle of life. It falls on the earth, nourishing it and giving back life to the plants and creatures that live on it. The rainwater then goes back to its origin, which is the sea or the sky, and evaporates to form clouds. The clouds then travel and release rain again, continuing the cycle. This cycle is eternal and necessary for the sustenance of life on earth. The rain, through its cycle, also symbolizes the continuous renewal and regeneration of life.

10. Answer any three of the following questions: 2x3=6

(a) How did the poet's mother laugh at the snapshot? What did this laugh indicate?

Ans: This laugh indicates her remembering her past. She looked back to her childhood with nostalgia and remembered the innocent joys of her childhood days.

(b) How did the poet's mother look at the time of taking the photograph?

Ans: The poet's mother was in middle age when she looked at that photograph and used to laugh remembering those golden days of her childhood, enjoying a sea holiday. She would also laugh at the beach dresses which looked weird after many years.

(c) What will happen if it does not rain?

Ans: If there is no rain for a long period or for many years, then there is scarcity of water in that region. This leads to drought. The lack of adequate precipitation, either rain or snow, can cause reduced soil moisture or groundwater , diminished stream flow, crop damage, and a general water shortage.

(d) Write in your own words what the rain speaks about itself.

Ans: The rain calls itself the Poem of the Earth because the poem rendered by the poet has the task of bringing joy, happiness, life to its readers. Similarly when the rain falls down over Earth, a rhythm or music is created. That's why the rain calls itself the Poem of Earth.

(e) Why does the poet say that his childhood went to some forgotten place?

Ans: The poet says that his childhood has gone to some forgotten place because he is unable to find that innocence and imagination in adulthood. Adults are full of hypocrisy. They have smile on their faces but hate in their hearts. The poet struggles to find the childhood but cannot find.

(f) Why was the father unhappy in the poem, Father to Son?

Ans: The father is unhappy with his son as there is no interaction between the two. They don't understand each other and are like strangers. Though they live under the same roof, yet they have nothing common between them.

(g) What does the poet of the poem, Childhood speak about adults?

Ans: The speaker says that the adults are hypocrites and fail to do what they preach and teach. He says that though adults say that we should love each other but do not act lovingly.

11. Answer any five of the following questions: 2x5=10

(a) How do you know that author's grandmother was a deeply religious person?

Ans:The author's grandmother was a deeply religious person. The different ways of her behavior show this. 

i). She visited the temple every morning and read scriptures. 
ii).At home she continuously recited her inaudible prayer and kept telling the beads of the rosary.
iii). She would repeat her prayer in a sing-song manner while getting the author ready for school hoping that he would learn it by heart.
iv) She didn't like English school as there was no teaching God and scriptures.
v) Even while spinning at her spinning-wheel she would recite prayers.
vi) She continued praying and telling beads of her rosary till her last breath.

(b) How did the grandmother celebrate the homecoming of the author?

Ans:  After the author returns home from abroad, the grandmother celebrates his homecoming by gathering the women of the neighborhood and playing an old drum while singing about the homecoming of warriors. This is significant because it reflects the grandmother's strong sense of tradition and her belief that her grandson has returned home like a warrior. The celebration also shows the grandmother's joy at seeing her grandson again after such a long absence. The fact that she is able to play the drum and sing for several hours despite her age suggests her resilience and her enduring devotion to her family.

(c) Why did the grandmother always accompany the author to the school?

Ans: The grandmother always accompanies the author to school because the school is attached to the temple, and she wants to read the scriptures while the author is attending class.

(d) Contrast the Chinese view of art with the European view.

Ans: Chinese views of art are radically different from the European concepts. A classical Chinese landscape does not focus on realism. It is not the actual view that a Chinese painter would paint. On the other hand, western painting is figurative. European painters focus on realism or the actual landscape.

(e) What do you understand by 'sustainable development'?

Ans: Development that meets the needs of the present without Harming the needs of the future generations is called 'sustainable development'. We have to keep the balance. The principal biological systems of the earth should be used judiciously. Fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands should be used in such a manner that these can be used by the future generations. If the man go on depleting the natural resources without sustainable development, it will lead to serious consequences.

(f) Who was Wu Daozi? What did he paint for the Emperor?

Ans: Wu Daozi was a famous Chinese painter of the eighth century.
Wu Daozi painted a beautiful landscape for the emperor Xuanzong to decorate a palace wall.

(g) Who is the most dangerous animal and why?

Ans: Man has been the most dangerous animal that ever lived on this earth. He has ruined fisheries, converted grasslands and croplands into barren lands, depleted forests etc. Due to their increasing demands day by day these biological systems are reaching an unsustainable level.

(h) What differences does Verrier Elwin draw between the Game Sanctuaries of Kenya and Kaziranga?

Ans: Verrier Elwin says that he has experienced a noticeable difference between the Game Sanctuaries of Kenya and Janganyka and that of Kaziranga in Assam.

In Kenya and Janganyka (of East Africa) there is a tradition that everybody should co-operate to make the sanctuaries a success. A lot of money is spent on the sanctuaries there. No one would dream of poaching.

But the same thing is not seen in the sanctuary of Kaziranga in Assam. The animals are not safe here. Unlike those animals in Kenya, they do not appear so readily here. The public in Assam is also not so much conscious about the future of the animals.

(i) What is the Sola topi?

Ans:  Sola topi is a sun hat made from the pith of the stems of sola plants, formerly worn in India.

12. Describe the changing relationship between the author Khushwant Singh and his grandmother. Did their feeling for each other change?   6

Ans: The story describes the entire phase of relationship shared by the author and his grandmother. In his early childhood, the author shared a strong bond with his grandmother. However, the friendship loosened a little when they both shifted to his parents’ city house. She no longer accompanied him to the school and could not help him with his lessons. There was a further crack in the relationship when the author joined university as he was given a private room and the common link between them was snapped. They were further distanced from each other when the author went abroad for five years.

In spite of changes in the course of the relationship (due to the demands of the situation), their feelings for each other remained unchanged. Though she did not display her emotions, when the author was leaving for abroad, she wholeheartedly celebrated his homecoming when he returned.


What are the principal biological systems of the earth? How are these systems systematically destroyed by man? 6

Ans: The earth has four principal biological systems. These are fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands. These systems form the foundation for global economic system. These provide not only food for us but all the raw materials to industries except minerals.

Mr Lester R. Brown has pointed out four principal biological systems of the earth-fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands. These systems which are the basis of global economic systems are being depleted. Due to man's increasing demands day by day these systems are reaching an unsustainable level. Fisheries are being ruined, forests are being cleared, and grasslands and croplands are being converted into deserts.

13. Answer any one of the following questions: 6

(a) What steps did the narrator take to get Ranga married to Ratna?

Ans: The narrator made a silent vow to himself to get Ranga married. He chose Ratna, an orphaned niece of one of his friends Rama Rao to be Ranga's future wife. She resembled those qualities that Ranga desired. He planned out his course of attack to ensure Ranga in Ratna's charms. He planned to call Ratna to his house under the veil of getting some

buttermilk, ask her to sing a song and send for Ranga while she was singing. Ranga seemed to be interested in Ratna. Being successful in the first phase of his plan. The narrator convinced Ranga to accompany him to Shastri. He had tutored the Shastri to influence Ranga's decision. Shastri revealed that a girl was the cause of Ranga's worries. On being asked to predict the name of the girl Shastri said that she was named after something found in the ocean, when the narrator suggested 'Ratna', Shastri quipped that those negotiations might bear fruit. In this way the narrator was successful in bringing them together and making them life partners.

When the narrator asks Ranga if he wanted to get married, Ranga replied that he has no plan to get married in the near future. According to Ranga, the girl he marries has to be mature, understanding and intelligent. He says that a man should only marry a girl he admires.

(b) Were the teachers interested in understanding Albert Einstein and bringing out his potential?

Ans: The teachers were not interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential. They always thought that he was a constant menace and nuisance to them. The history teacher did not like his behaviour and said that he was an ungrateful boy and ought to be ashamed of himself. He suggested that Albert should ask his father to take him away from school. He incites Albert to be rebel against him and the education system.

Albert's Maths teacher, on the other hand, acknowledged his exceptional ability. He willingly gave him reference and wanted him to join the college or an institution. The head teacher told him that his presence in the classroom was not desirable because he was in constant rebellion, and no serious work could be done while he was in the classroom.

14. Answer any two of the following questions in brief: 2x2=4

(a) How did music help Albert?

Ans: For Einstein, it was the notion that the architectural and formal beauty he found in music could inform the inspiration and design of his scientific theories. Music inspired and guided him, it stimulated parts of his brain that could not be accessed through sitting at his desk.

(b) What kind of a student was Einstein?

Ans: According to Albert Einstein, education should be based on idea, not on facts. He said that one could get the facts from books. He was more interested in analyzing the facts and observing them. He said that he was more interested in knowing why soldiers killed other soldiers in war. He was not interest in memorising the dates of battles and number of soldiers, but the reasons behind wars. Albert was an outspoken and honest student. He was simple and straightforward. He was not satisfied with the present system of education which emphasised on learning facts and he expressed his dissatisfactions clearly.

(c) What does the narrator say about Hosahalli?

Ans: The narrator belongs to Hosahalli, a village in the erstwhile Mysore State. Hosahalli is to Mysore state what the sweet 'Karigadabu' is to a festive meal in South India. The village has some mango trees, creepers and a pond. The people are simple. The 'priceless commodity', English is not so widespread in Hosahalli. The narrator is proud of his village and speaks glowingly of it.

(d) What happened when Ranga returned to his village from the city of Bangalore?

Ans: When Ranga returned to his village from the city of Bangalore a huge crowd gathered at the court yard of his house. The villagers welcomed Ranga with curiosity. They wanted to see whether he had changed or not.



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