AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Papers '2019 | HS 2nd Year Question Paper 2019 | Assam Board |

If you want to know what type of Questions are asked in AHSEC 2019 Education Examination from Education Different Chapter, Just follow this Article fr

 AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Papers '2019 | HS 2nd Year Question Paper 2019 | Assam Board |

AHSEC CLASS 12 Education Question Paper 2019 

Hello Readers, in this Article we Have Shared AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019, Reading Previous Year's Question Papers are very helpful and Important if you want to Score good marks, by Reading Previous Year Question Papers You can easily Judge the difficulty of Questions, and also you can understand the Question Paper Pattern, It is very important to Read AHSEC HS 2nd Year Education Question Paper 2019. 

If you want to know what type of Questions are asked in AHSEC 2019 Education Examination from Education Different Chapter, Just follow this Article from Top to Bottom, We have attached Education Question paper '2019 on this page.  

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper Overview:

Name of Board: AHSEC

Subject: Education 

Year: 2019

Class: HS 2nd Year 

Type: Text 

Official website: ahsec.assam.gov.in

Category: AHSEC Education Previous Year Question Papers, Class 12 Education Question Papers 2019.



Full Marks : 100

Pass Marks : 30

Time : Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions :                                                         1×12=12

Fill in the blanks :

a)         ‘Assam Secondary Education Board’ was established on the basis of the recommendation of the ____.

b)         The name of the second largest Open University of the World is ________ .

c)          ‘World Population Day’ is observed on ________ .

d)         Tbilisi International Conference on Environmental Education was held on ________ .

e)         The basis of reward and punishment in education is the laws of __________ of learning.

f)          __________ method of learning establishes bond between natural tendency and artificial stimulus.

Give short answer in one sentence :

g)         Mention one objective of non-formal education.

h)         What is Physical Education ?

i)           What is the meaning of Insightful learning ?

j)           ”We attend to a small stain on a white wall” — why ?

k)         Write the formula for finding out Mean by ‘Assumed mean method’.

l)           From a batch of 15 students who had appeared for an examination, 5 students failed. The marks of the successful students were — 48, 78, 55, 72, 40, 66, 60, 44, 70, 58. Calculate the median.

2. Write two problems of secondary education in Assam.                                  2

3. Mention two important impact of Kothari Commission on the secondary education of Assam.       2

4. ‘All open education is distance education, but all distance education is not open education.’ Give two reasons.             2

5. Why non-formal education is called complementary to formal education ? Write two reasons.    2

6. Mention two characteristics of population education.                            2

7. Write two principles of Environmental Education.                                   2

8. Mention with which laws of learning, the following proverbs are related :                                        1+1=2

1)         Habit is the second nature.

2)         Success leads to success.

9. Mention two differences between learning and maturation.                                  2

10. Loud voice or noise and glittering light immediately attract our attention— Explain the reasons. 2

11. Write two differences between Polygon and Histogram.                                                        2

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019

12. “Forgetting is necessary for memory” — Give reasons.                                                           2

13. Mention two types of graph.                                                                                    2

14. What are the suggestions forwarded by ‘National Education Policy’ 1986 regarding secondary education ? Discuss.    4

15. Why distance education is important for the present society ?                                            4

16. Discuss about the role of physical education in bringing forth self confidence and group feeling.                         4

17. What is women empowerment ? Discuss the role of education in women empowerment of India.                    1+3=4

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019


What is meant by value education ? Write about the importance of value education in the present society.                 1+3=4

18. Write the educational significance of trial and error method of learning.                         4

19. Discuss the educational significance of theory of conditioning of learning.                      4

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019

20. Write which type of memory operate in the following situation :                                        1+1+1+1=4

a)         Playing Piano

b)         Writing dictation

c)          Writing answer to the questions in the examination

d)         Pinching of a pin

21. ‘Mental Hygiene is complete, harmonious and successful existence’ — Explain the statement on the basis of the objectives of mental hygiene.                                    4

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019


Write four steps to be taken by the parents keeping mental health of their children.               4

22. What is meant by Central Tendency ? Write three advantages of measures of Central Tendency ?  1+3=4

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019

23. Represent the following data of students enrolled in a primary school by pie-diagram :           4


What is frequency distribution table ? What are the different principles involved in preparation of a frequency distribution table ?                                                          1+3=4

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019

24. Describe the aims of Secondary Education as suggested by Mudaliar Commission.                     6

25. Write about the educational significance of attention and interest.                                         6

26. Discuss about the functions of Mental Hygiene. 2+2+2=6

27. Find out Quartile Deviation from the following distribution table :                 6

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019


AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2019

About AHSEC Class 12 Education Exam Papers 

Every year Assam board i.e Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) Conduct Higher Secondary (Class 12th Board Exams) Examination in the Month of February, Education in one of the Subject  under AHSEC Class 12 Syllabus, which is taught to Students and Students is required to Attend Exams of  Education. To reduce the difficulty of  Exam you Must follow AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper and Question paper Solution, In our website we have uploaded various AHSEC Questions Papers in which we have Also uploaded AHSEC Class 12 Education Previous year Question Papers form 2012-2023.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):

How to download AHSEC Class 12 Education Previous year Question Papers?

You can download AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Papers from our site The Treasure Notes one of the Genuine and Trustable Site for Educational Study Materials All over the Assam.

In which site we get AHSEC Class 12 Education all year Question Papers?

You can easily get AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper from 2012-2023 on our Site The Treasure Notes or You can also visit office website of AHSEC

What are the benefits of AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper?

If you are following AHSEC Class 12 Education Previous year Question Papers we will definitely get good marks as we know that maximum Question Asked in AHSEC Exams are from Previous year Question Papers so Students must follow previous year question papers. 

What is the Passing Marks for AHSEC Class 12 Education Examination? 

The Passing Marks for AHSEC Class 12 Alternative English Exam is 30if you score 30 Marks out of 100 i.e 30% you will be treated as passed in Exam.

Which website we must follow for AHSEC Study materials?

You must follow The Treasure Notes  of the genuine and trustable site for educational study materials.

Conclusion of this article 

From the above AHSEC Class 12 Education question paper you must understand what type of question asked in Assam Board class 12 exams, for scoring good marks in Assam Board class 12 exam we must follow previous year question papers previous year question paper which enable you to score good marks. Maximum question Asked from AHSEC Class 12 Education previous year question papers so reading previous year question paper necessary if you really want to achieve good marks and good result in upcoming Examinations

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